Girteka Logistics Drivers’ Academy

A key element of Girteka Logistics HR policy is to improve the professionalism of its drivers through increasing their qualifications.

Therefore the Girteka Drivers’ Academy is strongly focused on preparing the newly employed and current drivers to periodically update their knowledge and to improve their safe and economical driving skills. It is important that drivers learn not only the technical knowledge but also the guidelines of proper behaviour and communication in order to be able to respond professionally to various situations occurring at work.

For the convenience of drivers, there is a Drivers’ Academy located at the main transport divisions of Girteka Logistics in both Vilnius and Šiauliai. The Academy provides formal training programmes for the acquisition of professional qualifications and periodic training of drivers (Code 95), and also informal training such as theoretical and practical testing, and consultations for drivers on topical issues.

Each member of the Girteka Drivers’ Academy team is a qualified specialist in his / her own field with competencies in both internal and external training. Skilled and fond of their work, these specialists have indepth knowledge of regulations and changes thereof, as well as an understanding of the latest developments in the transport sector, making them well versed in the technical characteristics of trucks, and their operational requirements and capabilities. All teachers have certificates of qualified status.

Types of Training Centre programmes:
1. Qualification upgrade / General training;
2. ECO driving training;
3. Training of drivers for Norwegian roads;
4. Trainings of drivers for Scandinavian roads;
5. Training of drivers for European and Russian roads;
6. Training on the use of the latest technology (Mercedes-Benz and Volvo);
7. Specific carriage of certain goods - ADR, TAPA, etc.

Girteka Logistics Drivers’ Academy is open to innovation and challenges - it is always on the look out for the latest and most effective IT solutions, incorporating modern demonstration equipment, stands, interactive testing, and simulators into its training programmes.