After leaving for a trip, the driver works round the clock - driving at certain hours, resting at other time and constantly taking care of cargo safety.

The vehicle must be ready for work
  • The front and side glazing shall not contain cracks and dark spots, ornamental flags affixed to the glazing, curtains and other non-vehicle accessories (except for toll payment equipment and compulsory stickers) which make the visibility more difficult.
  • The windscreen wipers must clean the windscreen efficiently, freely, without interference.
  • The seat and the seat backrest shall not have any recesses, torn spots, protruding springs or sharp angles.
  • The seat and the seat backrest must be adjustable to allow the driver to adjust the comfortable seating position.
  • The cabin floor must be clean and covered with a rubber mat.
  • It is forbidden to leave the garage if the turn indicators or lights are not working.

Safety requirements
  • Before lifting the cabin, switch off the engine, apply the parking brake, switch to neutral (N) gear. If you need to start the engine after lifting the cabin, make sure that the gear lever is in the neutral position.
  • It is forbidden to place hands on the mudguard when lifting the cabin. The cabin should be raised to the end position and to use the support after it is raised. When lowering the cabin back to its position and before starting the engine, always make sure the gear lever is in the neutral position.
  • All electrical wiring must have insulation that is reliable and intact. The battery must be securely attached. The battery container must not leak any electrolyte. It is forbidden to connect any electrical engineering.

Safety during rest
  • Pay attention to the site you stop for rest, make sure you will be staying safe.
  • Do not drink alcohol: under the influence of alcohol your reaction slows down, you are more likely to suffer during an incident.
  • When resting, park the truck so that unauthorized persons cannot open the door of the trailer: park it with the door against the wall, a pole, or another truck.
  • When leaving the truck, always lock it. It only takes a few seconds for things to disappear from your truck or for the truck to leave without you!
  • Do not leave the vehicle or personal belongings unattended.
  • If during the rest time you notice that someone is trying to steal fuel or cargo from your vehicle, immediately take appropriate measures: call 112, press the sound signal, etc.

Vehicle and cargo theft prevention
  • Be careful and attentive
  • Plan your route and work time
  • Choose a safe place to rest
  • After the rest, check if the seal and the lock are present, and that the alarm works
  • Beware of the widespread traps that criminals set

Drive safe!