Address in Vilnius: Metalo str. 12
Tel.: +370 685 63 654
Address in Šiauliai: Pročiūnų str. 16
Tel.: +370 612 44 666
Recruitment, from arrival for an interview to departure, can take about a week (for EU citizens). All drivers, irrespective of their seniority, can only start work after completing the training at the Girteka Logistics Training Centre.
The company is currently offering jobs in the following: within Europe, Europe - Scandinavia, within Norway, Europe - Russia and the CIS countries.
Currently we only offer jobs with a term of seven weeks and more.
It is possible to work in both pair crews and single crews.
Yes, there are parking lots at the company's office in Vilnius and Šiauliai, where you can leave your private car.
The company has a modern Training Centre (Drivers’ Academy), where it currently provides the following training programmes:
• Qualification upgrade / General training;
• Economical driving training;
• Training of drivers for Norwegian roads;
• Trainings of drivers for Scandinavian roads;
• Training of drivers for European and Russian roads;
• Training on the use of the latest technology (Mercedes-Benz and Volvo);
• Specific carriage of certain goods - ADR, TAPA, etc.
The company's fleet consists of Volvo, DAF and Mercedes-Benz trucks that meet Euro 5 and Euro 6 standards.
Yes, there is an opportunity to work as an intern in the company. The duration of the training depends on each driver individually, but there is a minimum of one term.